Creative Review issues its new Photography Annual

The November issue of Britain’s Creative Review is also its Photography Annual, with 85 of its 196 pages featuring work singled out for recognition by the magazine’s editors. Among those chosen for this year’s photo annual is Nadav Kander, for his portrait of rapper Tinie Tempah, originally taken for The Observer (see more here). . […]

“Women Laughing Alone With Salad”

This witty post from Creative Review‘s CR Blog is a perfect perk-up for this gray and snowy New York day: “Few things are as evocative of fresh and fun good times as a woman clearly enjoying a decent salad. The excellent Hairpin recently posted a range of similarly-themed stock photos, partly as an ironic reminder of […]

New work: Nadav Kander’s St John Ambulance campaign is a matter of life and death

St John Ambulance is a U.K. charity dedicated to teaching people first aid so that everyone might be equipped with the knowledge to save a life. “We believe that it’s absolutely unacceptable that so many people die needlessly—because no one could give them first aid when they needed it,” the organization states at its website. […]

Photography + Google Maps = unusual band promo

… We’re always hearing about how Twitter and Facebook and the like are being leveraged for marketing purposes, but Google Maps? I hadn’t seen that trusty navigational resource identified it as a promotional tool until today, when I read a story at Creative Review‘s website about Sony’s promo for In This Light and On This […]

The debate over CGI

The Creative Review has published a provocative article titled “The Traditional Studio Photographer Is About to Die,” on the increasing popularity of CGI and what it means for photographers. If you’re a commercial photographer and haven’t added CGI to your repertoire, you might want to read it. “We’re fast approaching the tipping point,” car photographer […]

Giving stylists their due

In a post at Creative Review’s blog, Satara Achille highlights an exhibition of fashion images with an uncommon curatorial bent: the show celebrates the stylist rather than the photographer. “When You’re a Boy: Men’s Fashion Styled by Simon Foxton,” at the Photographers’ Gallery in London, surveys the work of this noted British stylist, who got […]