Art Streiber shoots Entertainment Weekly’s “Walking Dead” triple-cover season-four sneak preview

For its exclusive sneak peek at season four of the AMC hit series The Walking Dead, Entertainment Weekly commissioned Art Streiber to shoot three special-issue covers plus inside images. Here’s a look…



Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. Photo by Art Streiber for Entertainment Weekly, July 19, 2013, issue.


Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes. Photo by Art Streiber for Entertainment Weekly.


Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon. Photo by Art Streiber for Entertainment Weekly.


“When Entertainment Weekly asked me to photograph the leads of AMC’s The Walking Dead in advance of Comic-Con and TWD’s season-four premiere, I didn’t hesitate,” says Art. “The show is a compelling look at the end of civilization and a world inhabited by flesh-eating zombies. Awesome!

“An hour outside of Atlanta,” he continues, “down a two-lane country road in the middle of nowhere, is the studio where The Walking Dead is produced. The surroundings are lush and green, but walking through the studio and the prison yard set is definitely eerie. The light, look, and feeling of the place is exactly what you see on the show, and the town of “Woodbury” is a real town, just five minutes down the road.

Michele Romero, a photo editor at Entertainment Weekly, had the idea to shoot up at the cast, and we pulled a lot of reference from Quentin Tarantino movies. Tarantino loves to put the camera on the ground or in the trunk of a car and create a low, wide POV for the actors to stare down into.

So…my crew and I scoured the prison set for a place for me to be on my back and still “see” the prison, especially a tower and the top of the razor-wire fence.

At the entrance to the prison, we found our spot and went about lighting the shot to look like hard sun because the ambient light was “high cloud” flat—that is, completely without shape.

In addition to the group shot, we did singles with each of the male leads on seamless inside the prison set. The cast and crew were incredibly wonderful hosts and were so appreciative that they were going to be on the cover of EW for the second time.

And judging by Norman Reedus’ Instagram feed, the covers were wildly popular with fans of the show!



Photo by Art Streiber for Entertainment Weekly.


Photo by Art Streiber for Entertainment Weekly.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 5.24.05 PM

The Instagram response to Art’s cover portrait of Norman Reedus.



Kory Kennedy, Entertainment Weekly design director
Lisa Berman, photography director
Michele Romero, photo editor



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