Tobias Hutzler directs commercial, shoots global campaign for Titan Watches

Tobias Hutzler_TITAN_1

Photos by Tobias Hutzler for Titan.


Titan’s new Titan Edge—said to be light as a feather and the “slimmest watch in the universe”— is the result of a decade’s worth of design evolutions. So for the global campaign showcasing this innovative titanium timepiece, Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, asked photographer and director Tobias Hutzler to produce imagery and a commercial that encapsulated mastery in all its aspects.

“The creative idea, titled ‘Mastery Beyond Belief,’ was to lend a human association to the watch—one that stands for lightness, precision, skill, and elemental simplicity,” explains Tobias.

His work for this campaign was inspired by his short film “Balance,” a zen-like interpretation of a performance by Rigolo Swiss Nouveau artist Maedir Eugster. (The film debuted last year on and has since garnered millions of views worldwide.) “The act of kinetic sculpting was depicted in the commercial, capturing the watch’s craftsmanship and minimalist design,” says Tobias.



“It was important for us to recognize that the line between art and commercial art is blurring,” notes Joono Simon, executive creative director at Ogilvy. “As we aim to create new brand conversations, the quality of our audience’s interaction entirely depends on the quality of experiences we can offer.

“Edge’s latest campaign speaks about Mastery beyond belief,” Simon continues, “which reflects in all the facets of the brand’s offering.”

Tobias’ Titan work is currently appearing worldwide on TV and in cinemas, on the Web, and on billboards and in magazines.


Tobias Hutzler_TITAN_2

Photo by Tobias Hutzler for Titan.

Tobias Hutzler_TITAN_3

Photos by Tobias Hutzler for Titan.



client: Titan Watches/Titan Edge
agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore
executive creative director: Joono Simon
senior creative director: Shamik Sen Gupta
director/photographer: Tobias Hutzler
films: Neha Kapoor
copywriters: Shamik Sen Gupta, Sraman Majumdar
producer: James Jolly
executive producer: Brent Langton
editor: Jillian Iscaro
camera: Alexander Haessner
studio: Parlay Studios
music: Mikey McCleary
media agency: Maxus
postproduction studio: B2Pro



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  1. Posted 02/19/2014 at 10:11 am | Permalink

    This was a very creative production on the new and innovative Titan watches. The video was well thought out and highlighted the best features of the watch. Great job guys.

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  1. […] He also notes that posting his videos brought him to the attention of clients. “By publishing work, you gain recognition and people want to work with you,” he tells the magazine, which goes on to mention that Tobias worked with production house B2Pro in New York City to make his video Balance, which not only went viral after being picked up by Time—it also led to a global print and motion campaign for Titan watches. […]

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