Tobias Hutzler on photographing India’s magical, uplifting International Kite Festival

Each January 15th, residents of Gujarat, in northwest India, celebrate the day of Uttarayan, a public holiday marking the change from winter to summer, by taking part in a massive kite festival. How massive? More than 8 million people typically participate every year. Imagine an entire city united by the simple pleasure of flying a […]

The New York Times Magazine sends Tobias Hutzler to Turkey for a cover story on “How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp”

For the cover story of this past Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, writer Mac McClelland visited a camp for Syrian refugees in Kilis, Turkey, that is anything but typical. “Many of the world’s displaced live in conditions striking for their wretchedness, but what is startling about Kilis is how little it resembles the refugee camp […]

Tobias Hutzler on photographing “mindfulness” for Time magazine

For this week’s cover story, Time magazine takes a look at “The Mindful Revolution.” “If distraction is the preeminent condition of our age,” writes Time’s Kate Pickert, “then mindfulness, in the eyes of its enthusiasts, is the most logical response.” But how do you photograph mindfulness? The magazine’s photo team decided on the concept of […]

Tobias Hutzler directs commercial, shoots global campaign for Titan Watches

. Titan’s new Titan Edge—said to be light as a feather and the “slimmest watch in the universe”— is the result of a decade’s worth of design evolutions. So for the global campaign showcasing this innovative titanium timepiece, Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, asked photographer and director Tobias Hutzler to produce imagery and a commercial that […]

Communication Arts’ Advertising Annual features Tobias Hutzler

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“10 Minutes With Tobias Hutzler” at Kate Osba’s This Is the What blog

Kate Osba, a photo editor and consultant who founded the blog This Is the What, recently interviewed Tobias Hutzler for a post that went live today. Read the interview here. Below, highlights from the interview, plus the photos of Tobias’ that Kate chose for her blog post. . . .

Behind the scenes of Tobias Hutzler’s short film “Balance”

Before we delve into the making of Tobias Hutzler’s Balance, we offer our sincere thanks to Time for featuring the film last Friday and B2Pro for supporting the production. Within two days, Balance racked up close to 50,000 views on Tobias’ Vimeo channel and nearly 2,000 likes. (As of this writing, it has surpassed 70,000 […]

Tobias Hutzler photographs July 4th outdoor film screening at Socrates Sculpture Park for The New Yorker (updated with time-lapse video)

For its July 30th issue, The New Yorker commissioned Tobias Hutzler to photograph a Rooftop Films screening on July 4th at Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens. It turned out to be a bit of a stormy night, and Tobias was stationed 60 feet up in a crane, above a crowd of 1,500 people, in order […]

Tobias Hutzler shoots skatepark for The New Yorker

. There’s a big difference between documenting what happens at a place and capturing the feel of it. For an assignment for the May 14 issue of The New Yorker (above), for which he photographed New York City skateparks, Tobias Hutzler was asked to do the latter. The photo, taken at the Pier 62 skatepark […]