Portraits by Kwaku Alston, Nadav Kander, and Art Streiber published in Communication Arts’ new photo annual

Nadav Kander and Art Streiber featured in Communication Arts’ new Photography Annual

Congratulations to Nadav Kander and Art Streiber, who are featured in Communication Arts‘ 2014 Photography Annual—as was Jim Fiscus, whose portrait of Downton Abbey star Jim Carter was published in the photo annual. Below, a look at their winning work… . . .  

Communication Arts’ Advertising Annual features Tobias Hutzler

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Kwaku Alston talks to Communication Arts about “What Matters Most”

Communication Arts interviewed Kwaku Alston for an “Insights” column on “What Matters Most,” a piece that touches on the weirdest thing that has happened to Kwaku on a shoot, his biggest challenge as a photographer, his favorite quote, and what’s on his horizon. “Among other creative photography-based projects, I have branched out to create an […]

Communication Arts spotlights “Fresh” photographer Tobias Hutzler

Communication Arts is spotlighting Tobias Hutzler today in its “Fresh” column, which features “the latest cutting-edge work from people, firms and agencies that have been working professionally for approximately five years.” Among the topics Tobias touches on are his cultural influences, the kinds of environments he is drawn to, and his photographic philosophy. “I like […]

Lauren Greenfield, Nadav Kander, and Art Streiber featured in Communication Arts’ new Photography Annual

Congratulations to Lauren Greenfield, Nadav Kander, and Art Streiber, who are all featured in Communication Arts‘ Photography Annual 2012. Here’s a look at their work, which you can find in the Editorial section of the book, available at commarts.com… . . .

Communication Arts releases its 2011 Photography Annual

The competition was intense for Communication Arts‘ 2011 Photography Annual, with more than 5,000 entries vying for the approbation of the five-member jury. Among the 166 winners were two of our photographers: Nadav Kander and Art Streiber, whose winning images are posted below. (Full gallery here.) We congratulate them and all of the photogs included […]

Anne Telford of Communication Arts on interviewing Lauren Greenfield

I often do behind-the-scenes stories about photo shoots, but this time I thought it’d be interesting to get the backstory on a magazine article—specifically, the story behind Anne Telford’s feature on Lauren Greenfield in Communication Arts’ May/June issue, which happens to be the Illustration Annual. The feature is titled “Lauren Greenfield: Capturing the Zeitgeist.” (Get […]

New work: Jason Hindley for Levolor and Super Glue

Two new conceptual shoots by Jason Hindley: One is a campaign for Levolor, shot for Carmichael Lynch, that Communication Arts featured at its website; and the other is a campaign for Super Glue, shot for Grey Warsaw, that won a Bronze at this year’s KTR Festiwal. Here’s a look at both… . . “In a […]

Spotlight: Jan Steinhilber

Communication Arts published an interview with Jan Steinhilber in December 2009 that describes the German photographer thusly: “Photographer Jan Steinhilber studied graphic design with the ambition to become an art director—and accidentally discovered photography during the studies. He got deeper into it by working as an assistant for different photographers and finally decided to make […]