A Photo Editor interviews Tobias Hutzler for its “Art Producers Speak” column

For her “Art Producers Speak” column for A Photo Editor, Suzanne Sease invites art buyers and art producers around the world to submit the names of established photographers who are keeping it fresh and and up-and-comers who have caught their attention. The latest photographer to be showcased? Tobias Hutzler.

“I nominate Tobias Hutzler,” wrote one anonymous art buyer. “He has gorgeous work, and he is so hardworking and humble. I think he is going to be a star some day! He also has some amazing video work on Vimeo.”

In his interview with Suzanne, Tobias talks about the value of shooting editorial, his recent dream collaboration with Sony, and his advice for photographers looking to catch the eye of clients.

“You must create your own market. You must develop a true self,” he says in the interview. “Who needs a copy of a copy of a copy? As a photographer, I think it is very important to be able to come up with new ideas, perspectives and solutions. This helps the creatives produce something original and unique. And that’s everybody’s goal, isn’t it?”

Read the full interview here.



Click to read Tobias’ interview at A Photo Editor.



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