Miller Mobley’s portrait of “Star Wars” star John Boyega wins in the entertainment category at the Southern California Journalism Awards

  We’re thrilled to report that at this year’s Southern California Journalism Awards, Miller Mobley‘s portrait of Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega was the winner in the entertainment category. “We looked so close. It was no green screen…. Brilliant execution with a brave subject,” commented the judges. Congratulations, Miller! The photo was […]

Three new interviews with Brinson+Banks explore how the wife-and-husband photo duo collaborate, their creative process, and the undeniable power of two

Brinson+Banks have been on a roll lately with celebrity shoots—in the past six months, publications ranging from Variety to The New York Times have published their portraits of Julia Roberts, Conan O’Brien, Sarah Paulson, and the cast of HBO‘s Vinyl, to name just a few—and people are taking note of their momentum. For its March […]

A Photo Editor interviews photo duo Guzman about interpreting “odd emotions” for a recent Psychology Today cover story

If odd emotions are “feelings you can’t name,” as the January issue of Psychology Today describes them, then how can you photograph them? This was the question that the magazine put to photo duo Guzman, who relished the challenge. “This was our first time working with Psychology Today, and we’re delighted that they asked us […]

Steven Lippman talks to A Photo Editor about his work as a photographer and director, his passion for his family, and the causes that are close to his heart

Read the full interview here, or click on the screenshot below. . . .

A Photo Editor interviews Tobias Hutzler for its “Art Producers Speak” column

For her “Art Producers Speak” column for A Photo Editor, Suzanne Sease invites art buyers and art producers around the world to submit the names of established photographers who are keeping it fresh and and up-and-comers who have caught their attention. The latest photographer to be showcased? Tobias Hutzler. “I nominate Tobias Hutzler,” wrote one […]

Jeff Lipsky talks to A Photo Editor about photographing celebrities

Are celebrities as charismatic when they show up for a photo shoot as they are when we see them on screen? “It’s interesting,” celebrity and lifestyle photographer Jeff Lipsky tells A Photo Editor in an interview published last week. “A lot of actors, they obviously have ‘it,’ but a lot of them don’t necessarily have […]

A Photo Editor interviews Michael Muller about his shark portraits

Many thanks to Heidi Volpe of A Photo Editor for featuring Michael Muller and his shark portraits in her column “The Weekly Edit.” Click here to read the Q&A. . . .

APhotoEditor’s “The Daily Edit” features Art Streiber’s shoot for Field & Stream

Many thanks to Heidi Volpe of APhotoEditor for featuring Art Streiber‘s recent work for Field & Stream in her “The Daily Edit” column… . . Here’s a closer look at the images, which were published in the April issue… . . Heidi recently assembled her 2012 “The Daily Edit” posts and has made bound copies […]

Nadav Kander interviewed by A Photo Editor

Nadav Kander was recently interviewed for A Photo Editor, answering questions from Suzanne Sease for her column Art Producers Speak. At one point, he’s asked about his interaction with art buyers and creatives. It’s easy to assume that at his level of success, Nadav might be less open to the kind of collaborating necessary to […]

Chris Orwig interviews Jeff Lipsky for A Photo Editor

A while back, Chris Orwig invited Jeff Lipsky to lecture at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, where Chris teaches. The school’s list of past presenters is a who’s who of photography, so the students are accustomed to hearing from the best. Yet Jeff’s presentation stood out. “A few of the students who heard […]