Nadav Kander interviewed by A Photo Editor

Nadav Kander was recently interviewed for A Photo Editor, answering questions from Suzanne Sease for her column Art Producers Speak. At one point, he’s asked about his interaction with art buyers and creatives. It’s easy to assume that at his level of success, Nadav might be less open to the kind of collaborating necessary to create a powerful ad campaign. In fact, the opposite is true.

“I welcome the challenge of a great collaboration because that is what pushes you forward,” Nadav tells Suzanne, “and you end up landing in a much better place than if you had done it alone.”

They also touch on how difficult it can be for an art director or creative to bring their ideas to fruition, given that the sluggish economy has made some clients averse to taking risks.

“The industry has so drastically changed that the art director’s position can be very difficult,” notes Nadav. “I think art directors are saints who are coming up with brilliant ideas that they wish could be a certain way, and sometimes they are thwarted by the client. I am there to help the process come together as smoothly as possible for them.”

Read the full interview here.


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