Miller Mobley’s portrait of “Star Wars” star John Boyega wins in the entertainment category at the Southern California Journalism Awards

  We’re thrilled to report that at this year’s Southern California Journalism Awards, Miller Mobley‘s portrait of Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega was the winner in the entertainment category. “We looked so close. It was no green screen…. Brilliant execution with a brave subject,” commented the judges. Congratulations, Miller! The photo was […]

Kwaku Alston shoots The Hollywood Reporter’s “Rule Breakers”

The Hollywood Reporter has just published a 22-page special issue dedicated to “Rule Breakers 2011″—”a year-end celebration of the people who successfully rocked and rattled the status quo in Hollywood.” The editors note that the issue was nine months in the making and features “a who’s who of Hollywood,” including Kim Kardashian, whom Kwaku Alston […]

Video: Funny, hectic behind-the-scenes look at The Hollywood Reporter’s anniversary cover shoots

Behind-the-scenes videos can be a mixed bag. Sometimes people forget that simply taking us behind the scenes is not enough—that there needs to be a narrative, a story to the video. It needs to be clear what we’re watching and why it’s of interest. The Hollywood Reporter has just posted a behind-the-scenes video that I […]

Art Streiber on shooting Hollywood legends Betty White, Larry Hagman, and more for THR’s 80th-anniversary issue

To celebrate its 80th anniversary, the recently relaunched Hollywood Reporter commissioned Art Streiber to shoot one of three covers honoring Hollywood’s legends. “I’m thrilled to be working with The Hollywood Reporter!” Art says. “I am totally psyched that there is a new magazine on the market that focuses on every aspect of television and motion-picture […]