Congrats to the New England Patriots, winners of Super Bowl XLIX

Walter Iooss_New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski in 2012. Photo by Walter Iooss. Click photo to see more.


Tom Brady and the New England Patriots triumphed at last night’s big game, but they weren’t the only tour de force at the Super Bowl. Walter Iooss was photographing the game, just as he has every Super Bowl since the event’s inception, thus preserving his title as one of the Keepers of the Streak.

So while we congratulate the Patriots, we’ll also take a moment to honor Walter…


Walter Iooss_Super Bowl LIX

Walter posted a selfie on Instagram from the Super Bowl last night.

Walter Ioss_iconc Super Bowl photos

Walter shares the stories behind 11 of his iconic Super Bowl shots in The Players’ Tribune. Click image to see more.


Super Bowl IV, 1970, Kansas City Chiefs 23 — Minnesota Vikings 7. “Super Bowl IV was played at the old Tulane Stadium in New Orleans,” recalls Walter. “I love the look of the low winter sun here. Look at the dirt. The chunky helmets. Look at the referee in the back of the photo. It was almost a different sport at this point. Pro football wasn’t making any money back then.” Click image to see more.

Tom Brady in 2006. Photo by Walter Iooss.



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