Resource magazine asks Michael Muller, “Hollywood’s Most Sought-After Photographer,” to explain the difference between “good” and “great”


Michael Muller photographing Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine.

Michael Muller is an energetic, passionate speaker, and if you haven’t seen him lecture in person, now’s your chance. He’ll be speaking at the Los Angeles edition of Stand Out! Photographic Forums on October 15. For a preview of the experiences, insights, and inspiration that Michael plans to share, check out Resource magazine’s recent Q&A.

“Anyone can take a great photo,” Michael, who is also a founder of, tells Resource. “But what makes a great photographer is someone who can replicate that great photo over and over again. They say it’s someone that masters 10,000 hours of doing something. But in my opinion you never master anything. I’m learning today and I try to remain teachable on a daily basis. For one, I want to learn new stuff and I definitely don’t think I know it all or even remotely close to it. And remaining teachable is what continues to make photography fun, even after 30 years of shooting. There’s always something new to find and discover.”

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To see more of Michael’s work, visit And to register for Stand Out! Los Angeles, go here.

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