Lauren Greenfield’s “Like a Girl”—a “rallying cry for girls”—wins the Emmy for outstanding commercial

Lauren Greenfield‘s “Like a Girl” commercial for Procter & Gamble‘s Always and Leo Burnett triumphed over five widely praised ads—for Gatorade, Snickers, and Nissan, among others—to nab the 2015 Emmy for outstanding commercial.

“The ad turned into a rallying cry for girls and became part of the culture,” Lauren tells American Photographer in an interview published this past Tuesday. “Procter & Gamble did followup research showing that six months after it was released, the number of people who thought the phrase “like a girl” was a negative had dropped by a huge percentage.”

She goes on to say that as a documentary photographer, she’s always done commercial work to support personal projects, “but making this spot ended up causing more social change than anything I’d done before.”

The Emmy win for “Like a Girl,” notes Ad Age, “follows a strong performance on the advertising awards circuit, where its previous accolades include top honors at the Webby Awards and a PR Grand Prix, a Glass Lion, and a Film Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.” (Read more here: “Always’ Hard-Hitting ‘Like a Girl’ Wins 2015 Outstanding Commercial Emmy.”)

Following the win, Adweek reached out to Judy John, Leo Burnett Canada’s CEO and lead creative behind the campaign, for comment. “Winning the Emmy for Outstanding Commercial is such an incredible honor for all of us,” she told the magazine. “We’re excited about this bringing further attention to the cultural movement that Always has created, by changing the meaning of #LikeAGirl to mean amazing things.”

The award was presented last Saturday at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. The ceremony will be broadcast tomorrow, September 19, on FXX.


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.44.56 PM

A photo of Lauren and her Emmy, via her Twitter feed.

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