Art Streiber photographs First Lady Michelle Obama for the cover of Variety


First Lady Michelle Obama. Photo by Art Streiber for Variety, August 23, 2016, issue.


“The East Reception Room at the White House doesn’t look anything like the rest of the White House,” says Art, “except for the oil paintings of former first ladies from the 19th century. (That’s Julia Tyler, the second wife of John Tyler, looming over our shoot in the gold frame.) But when you’re photographing the current first lady and your choices are her office, the White House screening room, and the East Reception Room…you take the East Reception room and make it work. Three setups in this room and one more upstairs in Mrs. Obama’s office. An hour to get through security at the White House and two hours to build and test the light. Thank you to Mrs. Obama’s staff for helping us arrange the shoot, the folks at Variety for giving me the opportunity, and my crew for making four setups happen in half an hour.” Caption courtesy @aspictures.


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