Want to own a print from Doug Menuez’s historic “Fearless Genius” project? Now you can take your pick, without breaking the bank, at the new website menuezprints.com

Doug Menuez‘s “Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley 1985–2000” photo essay has taken many forms: It’s been exhibited around the world, archived at Stanford University Libraries, and showcased in a coffeetable book published by Simon & Schuster‘s Atria imprint. But prints from this historic project have been available only on a select basis and only as limited-edition silver prints—until now.

At menuezprints.com, Doug is presenting a selection of “Fearless Genius” prints at affordable prices, starting at $225 each. There are four curated collections you can browse: the “Steve Jobs Collection: Rare access to Steve Jobs behind the scenes as he launched his comeback”; “Culture: Silicon Valley culture changed how we work, our behavior and how we think about what it means to be human”; “Women in Technology: Some of the powerful women who remain unsung heroes and pioneers of the digital revolution”; and “Legends: The visionary entrepreneurs, engineers and investors who sparked a revolution.”

“These astounding photos connect us to a shared history and help us remember the power and responsibility we as technologists have to do good in the world,” notes Ivy Ross, vice president, Design and User Experience for Hardware Products, at Google.

“So many young entrepreneurs and tech fans have requested that we offer affordable prints,” Doug explains, adding that sales of the prints will support additional “Fearless Genius” programs that he’s developing. These include an education program to inspire next-gen innovators. “There’s already a professor teaching the ‘Fearless Genius’ entrepreneurship program at the MIT MBA Lisbon program,” he says, “and we’re going to Brazil to teach a workshop based on ‘Fearless Genius” to entrepreneurs on November 3. Menuezprints.com is like a sort of Kickstarter to support the mission and project.”



Click to visit menuezprints.com.

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