Portraits by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Nadav Kander featured in Time magazine’s “The Hillary Clinton Sessions: The Stories Behind the Greatest Portraits”

For “The Hillary Clinton Sessions,” Time magazine “asked some of the greatest portrait shooters who have photographed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to scour their archives and select their favorite photographs,” and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Nadav Kander are among the photographers featured. View the full gallery here.



Timothy Greenfield-Sanders photographed Clinton in Washington for Elle on March 4, 1994. “This session with First Lady Hillary Clinton was at the White House in 1994. It was going okay, but I could feel handlers behind me nixing the poses that I was suggesting. I’m not big on profile shots but I adjusted my light, asked Mrs. Clinton to look away in profile and at the last minute, I said, ‘Think of our mutual friend, Brian d’Amato.’ She burst into a big smile, a real one… and I clicked the shutter on my 8×10 Deardorff. Mrs. Clinton had once been Brian’s babysitter.”


Nadav Kander photographerd Clinton in Washington for The New York Times Magazine in 2008. “Although it was a joyous time in America I wanted to show the truth of each person or something about the inner condition that was genuine. Within the portfolio I was photographing, I wanted her to portray solidity and experience, something that the young Obama administration needed. A serious cornerstone in a vibrant new White House. She would not let me lift the camera without beaming a smile so the one photo that I got without a smile meant more to me than any others.”

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