Portraits by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Nadav Kander featured in Time magazine’s “The Hillary Clinton Sessions: The Stories Behind the Greatest Portraits”

For “The Hillary Clinton Sessions,” Time magazine “asked some of the greatest portrait shooters who have photographed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to scour their archives and select their favorite photographs,” and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Nadav Kander are among the photographers featured. View the full gallery here.    

Tobias Hutzler joins Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail for The New York Times Magazine

What an amazing assignment—The New York Times Magazine asked Tobias Hutzler to photograph Hillary Clinton along the campaign trail for a July 19 cover story on the 2016 presidential candidate. Tobias, who previously photographed Chris Christie for the magazine, traveled with Clinton and her security detail to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Missouri. His mission was […]

Hot new issue of HotShoe magazine

I’m a big fan of the European photo magazine HotShoe. I like everything from its astutely curated mix of new and emerging photographers to its physicality—HotShoe is smallish in stature but printed on sturdy paper so that each issue feels like a collectible. The current edition, June–July 2009, has a cover story on the making […]