Guzman’s striking portrait of Blondie’s Debbie Harry on view in the exhibition “Camouflage: In Plain Sight”

Through February 17, the Anchorage Museum in Alaska is hosting an exhibition that “expands beyond the familiar associations of camouflage to explore how we work to be seen and unseen.” Among the works on view in “Camouflage: In Plain Sight” is this striking 1986 portrait of iconic singer Debbie Harry photographed by Guzman during their cover shoot for the album Rockbird.



Debbie Harry. Photo by Guzman.


“Designer and artist Stephen Sprouse (1952–2004) interned with Bill Blass as a teenager, at 18 was Halston’s right-hand man, and Debbie Harry’s roommate and a friend of Warhol in the 1980s,” note the show’s curators in the wall text for the image. “Sprouse had been given permission to design a clothing line based on Warhol’s camouflage series in day-glo colors, and together they designed Harry’s outfits for the cover of her album Rockbird, and in video for the album’s hit singles.”

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