Brinson+Banks photograph singer-songwriter Perfume Genius for Huck magazine’s Outsider Issue

Brinson+Banks photographed singer-songwriter Mike Hadreas, a.k.a. Perfume Genius, for Huck‘s Outsider Issue. “Outcasts often seek shelter in the music of Perfume Genius,” writes the magazine. “But after finding stability in his own life, Mike Hadreas realized that sobriety doesn’t fix everything. It just shines a harsher light on the underlying problems.” Kendrick and David shot […]

Annabel Mehran photographs noise-rock icon Kim Gordon for Bust magazine

Miller Mobley photographs Universal Music Group artists Post Malone, Julia Michaels, Amine, and Marian Hill for the cover of Hits magazine


RIP, Chris Cornell

Grunge pioneer Chris Cornell, frontman of Soundgarden and Audioslave, died last night in Detroit in what is being reported as a suicide. He was 52 years old and had three children. RIP, Chris.  

Guzman photograph singer-songwriter So Brown

Brinson+Banks photograph John Lydon, who pioneered punk under the name of Johnny Rotten when he fronted the Sex Pistols, for The New York Times

“We photographed John Lydon at an iconic L.A. record store called the Record Parlour,” says Brinson+Banks. “In a back room, the owner has amazing Hollywood antiques, and the walls are covered in old movie posters. The chairs John is sitting in are from Star Trek!” Read the New York Times article: “John Lydon, Angry Old […]

Miller Mobley photographs Pandora cofounder and CEO Tim Westergren and artist ambassador Questlove for Billboard magazine

Art Streiber photographs musician and actor John Legend for the cover of Delta Sky magazine

  Up on the roof…The last shoot of last year and a cover shoot for Delta Airlines in-flight magazine, Delta Sky @deltaskymag. This is the first of two set ups on the roof terrace of the new Penthouse Suite at the London Hotel West Hollywood. When you’re shooting outdoors in the open shade, but you […]

Miller Mobley photographs singer Camila Cabello for the cover of Billboard magazine—using an iPhone

Miller Mobley‘s portraits of singer Camila Cabello are notable not just because they are truly lovely—but because he shot them using an Apple iPhone 7 Plus in portrait mode, at the magazine’s request. “It was interesting to see Camila’s response to shooting with the iPhone,” Miller noted in an interview about the shoot. “Because of […]

Miller Mobley photographs Justin Timberlake for the cover of The Hollywood Reporter