Art Streiber re-creates a famous 1968 “family portrait” of LA artists, designers, filmmakers, and architects for the December issue of Vanity Fair

In 1968, 38 notable artists, designers, filmmakers, architects, and other creatives gathered on the steps of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for a “family portrait.” The group represented “what was then a fledgling artists’ community at a museum that had opened a mere three years earlier,” writes Vanity Fair in its December issue, which features a re-creation shot by Art Streiber.

Art’s version has nearly twice as many people. And he had to scout a new location, as the stairs in the original photo are now gone. He chose “an intimate corner on the east side of the Renzo Piano–designed Resnick Pavilion, anchored by a palm tree from Robert Irwin’s Primal Palm Garden,” notes Jennifer King, associate curator of Contemporary Projects in a LACMA blog post on the shoot.

King goes on to describe how Art and his team strategized to accommodate 68 people in a single shot (see his collaged mockup below) and what the shoot felt like (“convivial”), and she includes a behind-the-scenes video produced by a colleague. Go here for more.

The new family portrait includes six people from the original photograph: Larry Bell, Billy Al Bengston, Tony Berlant, Frank Gehry, and Mark and Michael Whitney. Among the well-known artists in the new portrait are Catherine Opie, John Baldessari, and Alex Prager. Afterward, Art shot portraits of everyone, and a handful of those images are below. View the complete portfolio here.

Go here to read the Vanity Fair piece and to watch their BTS video of the shoot.



The new LACMA “family portrait,” featuring 68 artists, designers, filmmakers, and architects. Photo by Art Streiber for Vanity Fair, December 2016 issue.


The original photo, with handwritten IDs. Courtesy


A mockup created by Art’s studio that explores possible staging of the new portrait.


Art surveys the scene. Production still courtesy Art Streiber Photography.


Production still courtesy Art Streiber Photography.


Production still courtesy Art Streiber Photography.


Production still courtesy Art Streiber Photography.


Production still courtesy Art Streiber Photography.


Production still courtesy Art Streiber Photography.


Alex Prager. Photo by Art Streiber.


John Baldessari, Catherine Opie, and Ed Moses. Photo by Art Streiber.


Ana Prvacki and Sam Durant. Photo by Art Streiber.


Frank Gehry. Photo by Art Streiber.


Sharon Lockhart. Photo by Art Streiber.


Willie Herrón. Photo by Art Streiber.


Ry Rocklen. Photo by Art Streiber.


Anthony Pearson and Mary Weatherford. Photo by Art Streiber.


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