Jim Fiscus shoots key art and cast portraits for season six of Showtime’s award-winning series “Homeland”

Season six of Showtime‘s Emmy-winning series Homeland finds CIA officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) living in Brooklyn after a peripatetic life abroad. The network commissioned Jim Fiscus to shoot the key art and publicity images for the show on location in New York, marking the third time he’s photographed Homeland‘s campaigns.

For the key art, the concept was to picture Carrie in front of the famous U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times Square, in the reflection of the giant illuminated American flag, but actually shooting there, with the crowds and the permitting, would have literally been a major production. So Jim and his crew came up with a clever alternative that produced the same gritty, dramatic effect but without the hassle.



Photo by Jim Fiscus for Showtime.


For the cast portraits, he needed to capture the NYC setting as well as the forever-tense characters who keep viewers on the edge of their seats each week. Jim’s process is always to meticulously work out every production detail ahead of time so that his shoots run smoothly and rapidly, so he was able to get what he needed from each of the Homeland actors in mini sessions that sometimes lasted only 30 minutes. This being his third time photographing them, he’s got an easy rapport with everyone that lends an effortlessness to the whole affair.

“These people are such amazing actors that they get on set, I encourage them to be who their character is, and they forget it’s a photo shoot and do their thing in their way. And they do it so well that it just doesn’t take long,” says Jim. “We all have a great time together.”



On the promenade in Brooklyn Heights (from left): Rupert Friend, Claire Danes, F. Murray Abraham, and Mandy Patinkin. Photo by Jim Fiscus for Showtime.

Photo by Jim Fiscus for Showtime.


Photo by Jim Fiscus for Showtime.


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