Art Streiber photographs screenwriter Max Landis for Empire magazine’s January issue


Max Landis. Photo by Art Streiber for Empire, January 2017 issue.


Photo by Art Streiber for Empire.


Photo by Art Streiber for Empire.


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Making Waves. From a shoot a few weeks ago…a portrait of a very talented and prolific screenwriter on a unicorn float in a swimming pool in Encino for a British movie magazine. Wait. Scratch that. It’s THE British movie magazine. That’s a Profoto B1 over the camera making the blues blue and the pinks pink. That’s @photobuffalo in the foreground making sure the water has just the right amount of ripple. And that’s Mr. #setlife himself, Sherman Lee doing his best Aqua-Man-meets-Bruce-Lee. Sherman’s job? Merman. And unicorn wrangling. Thank you to @lnorfolk for the always-incredible location. Thank you to @zacharybako for keeping his shirt on. Thank you to @luvlouella for another seamless, seamless-less production. @profotousa @hasselblad_official

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