Time magazine features Brinson+Banks’ “LA Woman” portrait series

“Los Angeles is a hotbed of creativity and promise. But it can also feel isolated and unreceptive. For photographic duo Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks, their new project, ‘LA Woman,’ was an opportunity to showcase this wealth of female talent whilst connecting women within their community,” writes Alexandra Genova in her introduction to “The Creative Women of Los Angeles,” published on Time magazine’s Lightbox blog.

The ongoing portrait series features young creatives in their homes, which the photo duo are usually seeing for the first time when they arrive for the shoot. “We really reserve these as a time for total spontaneity,” David tells Genova. The couple could have opted to match the person with a location of their own choosing but made a conscious decision to photograph their subjects in their natural environment. “I think someone’s home is a good representation of who they are,” Kendrick says in the interview. “If it’s sloppy or if there’s beautiful art everywhere…it’s a way to visually show someone’s personality beyond how they dress or how they do their hair.”

Notes Genova, “Brinson and Banks’ offbeat style translates personality into beautiful imagery.”

Read the complete interview here. View the ongoing “LA Woman” portfolio here.


Click image to read the article at time.com.


Click image to view the “LA Woman” portfolio at stocklandmartel.com.

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