Brinson+Banks on photographing Will Ferrell for The New York Times

In his new movie The House, Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler play a couple desperate to find a way to pay their daughter’s college tuition after her scholarship falls through. Their solution? Persuade their neighbor to start an illegal casino in his basement, of course. Brinson+Banks photographed Ferrell for the New York Times’ profile of the comedy star.

“We wanted to use our brief time with Will to get something on theme with his movie and then something classic and unrelated,” the photo duo explain. “So we bought so many decks of cards and picked out all the Jokers to display on the table.”

From there, Ferrell had no problem acting like a card. (Couldn’t resist the pun!)

“We truly love photographing comedians because once you set the stage for them, they often bring such a wonderful whimsy and playfulness and surprise to a shoot,” says Brinson+Banks, “and it’s always a treat to see what will happen.”

Read the story here: “Will Ferrell on Donald Trump, Michelle Obama and His New Movie”


Will Ferrell at the London West Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles. Photo by Brinson+Banks.

Photo by Brinson+Banks.

Photo by Brinson+Banks.

Photo by Brinson+Banks.

David Walter Banks takes aim. Photo courtesy Brinson+Banks.

Kendrick Brinson gets a different perspective. Photo courtesy Brinson+Banks.

Photo courtesy Brinson+Banks.

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