Architectural Digest: Melanie Acevedo’s new book “will show how creatives live”

Architectural Digest recently interviewed Melanie Acevedo and Schumacher creative director Dara Caponigro about their new book, The Authentics, which brings us into the lives and homes of noteworthy creative people around the world.

“We wanted the book to incorporate people from all walks of life in the creative fields, so we included interior, fashion, jewelry, and garden designers; architects; artists; actors; and chefs,” Dara explains in the article.

“It is so wonderful to work with creative people,” notes Melanie, “because they come to the process with their own ideas, energy, style, and it always serves to make better pictures.”

Asked to recount some of her most memorable experiences from her Authentics shoots, Melanie found herself gravitating toward food moments.

“Don’t you find that when you share a meal with someone you really can have the best time with them?” she tells AD. “I will always remember Nicky Haslam making me and my assistant tuna melts in his toaster oven. Umberto Pasti and Stephan Janson‘s glorious dinners and lunches for us in their magical garden rooms. Eating delicious lemon curd on toast with Anne-Marie Midy at her kitchen counter before heading off to the flea market in Brussels. The wonderful, authentic Chinese lunch that Lin Tianmiao made for us when we were with her in China. Spending hours with Laura Collabriano in her gardens, picking and eating fruit off the trees, eating freshly made pasta, her serving wine from her sellers over the most delicious alfresco lunches at her home. Miles Redd cooking for us during a romantic rainstorm in Fire Island. A fabulous and laughter-filled lunch with Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan in Shelter Island, where I’ll never forget Jonathan telling me I should have paid more attention to the rule ‘finance over romance,’ which is why I was at his house working on a Sunday! I really could go on forever.”

Read more here: “Dara Caponigro and Melanie Acevedo’s New Book Will Show How Creatives Live”

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