Brinson+Banks photograph artist Laina Miller for Elle magazine’s feature on women “After the March”

Elle magazine asked if I knew any badass women who were changed and motivated by the presidential election, and I immediately thought of my artist friend Laina Miller,” says Kendrick Brinson of the photo duo Brinson+Banks.

“Laina wasn’t registered to vote until the last election, and since then she has felt transformed into action. She designed T-shirts—including the one she is wearing in the photos—and posters to raise money for four charities. She participated in an art exhibition and created three female-centered pieces to raise money to support Planned Parenthood. She is currently writing and illustrating a children’s book, her first, and that was motivated by the political climate and the importance of teaching youth to feel comfortable using their voices and learning that at a young age.”

“I made use of the negative space to portray Trump’s empty ideology and gave the whole thing a sketch-like feel to portray the haphazard and flippant way he treats women’s rights,” Laina tells Elle, describing her poster’s design.

Look for the feature “After the March” in the September issue of Elle, or read it online here.

To purchase a poster with Laina’s designs, head to

By the way, Laina is also part of Brinson+Banks’ “LA Woman” portrait project. See more here.


Laina Miller. Photo by Brinson+Banks for Elle, September 2017 issue.

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