Brinson+Banks photograph artist Laina Miller for Elle magazine’s feature on women “After the March”

“Elle magazine asked if I knew any badass women who were changed and motivated by the presidential election, and I immediately thought of my artist friend Laina Miller,” says Kendrick Brinson of the photo duo Brinson+Banks. “Laina wasn’t registered to vote until the last election, and since then she has felt transformed into action. She […]

Take a peek inside Brinson+Banks’ “LA Woman” print promo

Los Angeles has always been an entertainment-industry hot spot, but in recent years it’s blossomed anew as the place to be for creative people of all inclinations, from writers, musicians, and artists to foodies and designers. And with their ongoing portrait series, “LA Woman,” Brinson+Banks have been shining a light on some of the city’s […]

Highlights from three of Brinson+Banks’ latest “LA Woman” shoots

Brinson+Banks photograph dancer Reshma Gajjar for their ongoing “LA Woman” portrait series

If you’ve seen the Oscar-winning movie La La Land, you’ve seen Reshma Gajjar—she sings the first notes of the sunny opening number that takes place on a traffic-jammed freeway. Gajjar, who the photo duo met through fellow “LA Woman” Becki Chernoff, is a dancer whose credits include touring with Madonna. Below, highlights from her “LA […]

Brinson+Banks photograph actress/writer/director Noël Wells at her home in Silver Lake for their “LA Woman” portrait series

Brinson+Banks recently photographed comedic actress, writer, and director Noël Wells in her new apartment in Silver Lake for their ongoing “LA Woman” portrait series. Wells, who has appeared on SNL and costarred in the Netflix original series Master of None, is writing her own show for Comedy Central and recently wrote, directed, and starred in […]

Brinson+Banks photograph designer and illustrator Laina Miller for their ongoing series, “LA Woman”

“When we say our LA Woman project is about creative women, it is to the power of 10 with this one,” says Brinson+Banks. “This is what Laina Miller of Happenings Co. does, y’know, just for fun: textile design (from hand-painted prints to hook + latch rugs) and illustration (she’s done two lifestyle and activity books, […]

Brinson+Banks photograph actress/pianist/poet Kate Adams for their ongoing series, “LA Woman”

  View the portfolio: “LA Woman.”    

Brinson+Banks feature producer/director/magician Bethany Mollenkof in their ongoing “LA Woman” portrait series

“Bethany is a producer and director and magician who loves stories and makes short documentaries. She’s also a champ at cooking big meals for people, vintage collecting, and double-exposure photography,” explain Brinson+Banks of Bethany Mollenkof, the latest subject in their ongoing “LA Woman” portrait series focusing on creative women in the City of Angels. “We […]

For their latest “LA Woman” portrait shoot, Brinson+Banks photographed ceramist and vintage-car hunter Becki Chernoff at her Los Angeles home

  Learn more about Becki Chernoff here. View the ongoing “LA Woman” series here.

With their photo series “LA Woman,” Brinson+Banks take us into the homes of creative people—from musicians to stylists—based in the City of Angels