Art Streiber photographs haunting key art for the new A&E series “Damien,” based on the horror film “The Omen”

Art Streiber shoots key art for A&E series “Those Who Kill” and “Bates Motel”

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Art Streiber shoots A&E’s striking “Be Original” campaign

A&E recently rebranded itself, replacing its tagline “Real Life Drama” with a catchy new one: “Be Original.” Art Streiber was commissioned to shoot the images that anchor the print component of the campaign. Art’s job was to create a single, signature image for A&E shows Bates Motel, Longmire, Duck Dynasty, and Those Who Kill—a photo that […]

Art Streiber shoots camo-licious key art for “Duck Dynasty.” Plus: behind-the-scenes video and stills

Art Streiber recently shot the cast of A&E‘s hit series Duck Dynasty for the key art for season three. For the shoot, the whole family were decked out in duck-centric camouflage. Here’s a look at one of the ads… . . Over at A&E’s website, there’s a 17-image gallery of behind-the-scenes production stills, like this […]

“The beards are back”: Jim Fiscus shoots “Duck Dynasty” portraits, motion pieces

Season 2 of A&E‘s Duck Dynasty premiered October 10, and Jim Fiscus shot portraits of Willie, Phil, Si, and Jase Robertson—the bearded stars of the show—for the key art. Duck Dynasty, as you know, follows the adventures of said Robertsons, who live on the bayou in Louisiana and whose family business, Duck Commandeer, is making […]

Photography, TV promos, interstitials, behind-the-scenes docs, music supervision—Matthew Rolston provides all as A&E preps provocative new series “The Client List”

Jennifer Love Hewitt makes a rather provocative return to TV with the new series The Client List, which makes its debut at 10 PM this Sunday on Lifetime. Jennifer plays Riley Parks, a single mom with secrets to hide, thanks to her job at a spa that takes an intimate approach to massage therapy… A&E/Lifetime […]