More International Photography Awards: the Honorable Mentions

Last week, I wrote about the Stockland Martel photographers who took 1st Place at this year’s IPAs. This week, let’s take a look at the photographers from our roster who received Honorable Mentions: Fulvio Bonavia, Jim Fiscus, Lauren Greenfield, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Nadav Kander, Michael Muller, John Offenbach, and Martin Sigal. . FULVIO BONAVIA

Next stop, Dubailand

……. ……. Earlier this month, I noted that the September issue of Fast Company features a 15-page photo essay by Lauren Greenfield on Dubailand, but at the time, we weren’t able to post the images. The embargo has passed now, though, so I’m reposting the item, complete with links to the article. Dubailand is a […]