Kwaku Alston photographs zero-waste advocate Lauren Singer, founder of The Simply Co., for Experience Life magazine

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Kwaku Alston photographs world traveler and peace ambassador Cassie De Pecol for Experience Life magazine

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Kwaku Alston photographs author and activist Terry Tempest Williams for the cover of Experience Life


Kwaku Alston photographs Anthony Robles, who became a champion wrestler despite being born with only one leg, for the cover of Experience Life’s March/April issue

Kwaku Alston photographs Nora McInerny Purmort for Experience Life’s inspiring November cover story

Kwaku Alston photographed the inspiring writer Nora McInerny Purmort for the cover of Experience Life‘s November issue. Below, an excerpt from the magazine’s feature on her: “It’s a love story for the ages — set in the digital era. Boy meets girl. A few years later, despite not recognizing boy, girl accepts boy’s Facebook friend […]

Kwaku Alston photographs Maj. Dan Rooney for Experience Life cover story


Steven Lippman photographs Olympian Roland Schoeman

Experience Life magazine asked Steven Lippman to photograph swimmer Roland Schoeman, a 10-time world-record holder and three-time Olympic gold medalist, for the cover of its July/August issue. Here’s a look… .   . . .