Kwaku Alston photographs zero-waste advocate Lauren Singer, founder of The Simply Co., for Experience Life magazine

    Read the article: “Life Outside the Box: Lauren Singer”    

Kwaku Alston photographs world traveler and peace ambassador Cassie De Pecol for Experience Life magazine

    Read the article: “Broader Horizons: Cassie De Pecol”    

Kwaku Alston photographs author and activist Terry Tempest Williams for the cover of Experience Life


Kwaku Alston photographs Oscar-nominated director Ava DuVernay for the cover of Essence magazine


Kwaku Alston photographs Nora McInerny Purmort for Experience Life’s inspiring November cover story

Kwaku Alston photographed the inspiring writer Nora McInerny Purmort for the cover of Experience Life‘s November issue. Below, an excerpt from the magazine’s feature on her: “It’s a love story for the ages — set in the digital era. Boy meets girl. A few years later, despite not recognizing boy, girl accepts boy’s Facebook friend […]

Kwaku Alston photographs the President and First Lady for Essence’s October issue

“I was extremely proud and humbled for the opportunity to photograph our President and First Lady,” says Kwaku Alston of his cover shoot with Barack and Michelle Obama for Essence‘s October issue. “Thank you, Essence, for the many years of support and encouragement.”  

Kwaku Alston photographs actor Djimon Hounsou, and directs a short film, for Spirit & Flesh magazine

        Read Kwaku’s interview with Hounsou: “Friday’s Dream” credits producer: Kathy Nenneker, Nenneker Inc. styling: Nonja McKenzie at Opus Beauty hair: Sam Odede grooming: Shiyena Chun  

Kwaku Alston on photographing celebrities

Professional Photographer magazine recently published an interview with Kwaku Alston in which he talks about photographing celebrities and other public figures. Below, an excerpt: . . Over the past 20 years, Alston has photographed dozens of celebrities and other prominent figures, from entertainers to business people to high-octane politicians. They all have one thing in […]

Kwaku Alston on his “top-secret” cover shoot for Sports Illustrated

At his blog today, Kwaku Alston writes about photographing Jason Collins for the cover of Sports Illustrated, images that accompanied the NBA star’s revelation that he is gay. The story was a major scoop for the magazine, and details about the shoot were kept to a bare minimum. “Late one Wednesday evening, after presenting work […]

Kwaku Alston photographs LL Cool J for Essence cover story. Plus: behind-the-scenes video

Kwaku Alston recently photographed LL Cool J for Essence‘s March cover story. Here’s a look, along with video from their shoot, which took place at Concrete Loft in Los Angeles… . . . .