Walter Iooss congratulates Kelly Slater

This past weekend, Kelly Slater won the ASP World Tour event at the 2012 Hurley Pro at the Lower Trestles in San Clemente, California—his 50th ASP World Tour title to date. Walter Iooss, who has photographed the surf champ many times (here’s one example), wanted to take note of Kelly’s win and sent us this […]

Whose side are you on: portraits shot in profile

. Portraits in which the subject meets the photographer’s gaze are justifiably the norm, but there’s plenty to be said for shooting a profile view. You feel somehow that the photographer is letting you in on something—something that subjects themselves may not be aware of at the time… .   . .

Jeff Lipsky’s Malia Jones portrait one of Outside mag’s top-13 photos ever

In a post on the magazine’s blog this past Saturday, Outside creative director Hannah McCaughey lists Jeff Lipsky’s portrait of Malia Jones (below, from the June 2008 issue) as one of the top-13 photos ever to appear in the magazine. .   . “This shot wasn’t going to happen at all at first,” McCaughey writes. […]

Walter Iooss: Athlete

Last year, Sports Illustrated published Athlete, a collection of 150-plus photos by Walter Iooss. I was at “The Digital Journalist” today, a monthly online magazine for digital journalism, and I saw that they’ve posted the introductions written for the book by Michael Jordan and Terry McDonell, editor of Sports Illustrated Group. Did you know Walter’s […]