Video: Watch Doug Menuez photographing on the streets of NYC, and talking about Leica SL’s Revolutionary Eye-Res Viewfinder

Video: Doug Menuez on making Leica his camera brand of choice

At the Spring Hackathon in New York this month, college students competed in a high-pressure 24-hour coding spree. Doug Menuez, who was there to document the next generation of fearless geniuses, takes us behind the scenes

What’s the tech counterpart to marathons and triathlons? Hackathons. And earlier this month, New York University was host to a big one organized by hackNY, a nonprofit organization whose stated aim is “to federate the next generation of hackers for the New York innovation community.” The Spring Hackathon—there’s also one in the fall—drew hundreds of […]

Doug Menuez documents a visiting-nurse program in the South Bronx that supports new moms

Making sure new moms have a solid foundation to be great parents is the mission of Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s Nurse-Family Partnership. In the program, specially trained nurses make regular visits to low-income expecting mothers—whose median age is just 19— during their first pregnancy and the first two years of their children’s lives, teaching them […]

Video: Doug Menuez on the New Year’s Eve phone call that led to an ad campaign for Eventbrite


Doug Menuez on collaborating with art director John Doyle for a pro bono project to help kids with severe stuttering problems

A former photojournalist who has seen more than his share of suffering around the world, Doug Menuez has made a habit of giving back whenever he has the chance. Sometimes it’s in the form of a book to raise money for a charity, and other times it’s by taking on a pro bono project. Most […]

Doug Menuez on shooting a major ad assignment for Nikon, using a new-model camera for the first time, in a city without power and water (thank you, Hurricane Sandy)

This past October, Doug Menuez was scheduled to shoot a worldwide marketing and ad campaign for a new model of Nikon camera, and to be followed during the shoot by a film crew for a mini-documentary on him and said camera. The location for this assignment was terrific—he’d be shooting all over downtown Manhattan and […]

Doug Menuez on location in Hawaii for Nikon

Nikon recently sent Doug Menuez to Hawaii to put the new Nikon D-5200 to the test. The project represents the 10th year that Doug has collaborated with Nikon and Tokyo-based K&L advertising—the kind of long-term relationship that photographers cherish. “I’m a lifelong Nikon user and have done many campaigns, brochures, and website projects for the […]

Doug Menuez shoots on location at a Manhattan hospital and an upstate horse clinic for St. George’s University School of Medicine campaign

Doug Menuez recently shot a documentary-style campaign for St. George’s University School of Medicine, which “has contributed more than 10,000 physicians who have been licensed in all 50 states and Canada and have practiced in over 45 countries of the world,” according to their website. The purpose of the campaign—created by the Halo Group and veteran […]

The New York Times’ Lens blog features Doug Menuez and his photos of the digital revolution

Doug Menuez and his project “Fearless Genius: The Rise of Silicon Valley 1995–2000” were featured on The New York Times Lens blog yesterday. “Fearless Genius” is a visual memoir of Doug’s 15 pivotal years in Silicon Valley, and the interview, written by James Estrin, is most aptly titled: “Embedded on the Front Lines of the […]