Animal-protection ads shot by Jason Hindley use subtlety to shock you into awareness

Jason Hindley won a Bronze at this year’s KTR Festiwal, Poland’s most prestigious advertising awards, for these still lifes shot for TOZ (the Polish Society for the Protection of Animals) via Grey Warsaw. At first glance, the two photos look rather pleasant, almost soothingly familiar. And then you notice the painted images decorating the tin and the teacup. So subtle and yet so powerful…


Photo by Jason Hindley for TOZ. Tagline: Don't let cruelty to animals become part of everyday life.

Photo by Jason Hindley for TOZ.

Here are the credits:

Client: TOZ (Polish Society for the Protection of Animals)
Agency: Grey Warsaw
Creative directors: Katrzyna Sosnierz, Grzegorz Waliczek
Art Director: Agnieszka Stypa
Copywriter: Renata Bujanowska, Magdalena Zalewska
Illustrator (for illustrations on the cup and tea canister): Zofia Nowak

Jason shot these ads in Warsaw. Go behind the scenes of the shoot here, at his blog.



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