Jason “Giblin” Hindley featured in Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide

Congratulations to Jason “Giblin” Hindley, five of whose photographs were published in the latest edition of 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide, which is issued by Lürzer’s Archive. Here’s a look at the images that were selected… . . .

Nigel Cox for Fortune

Fortune magazine recently asked Nigel Cox to create a photographic illustration for a feature on “The Best Advice I Ever Got.” The result, captured in camera, is a still life of speech balloons that Nigel created in his studio. Here’s a look… . . .

Nigel Cox for Bergdorf Goodman: “Holidays on Ice”

Nigel Cox photographed Bergdorf Goodman‘s new showcase of luxury merchandise, “Holidays on Ice.” Below, some highlights. View the complete book here. . . .

New work: Jason “Giblin” Hindley for UniCredit

. Credits client: UniCredit agency: BBH creatives: AK Parker and George Brettell art buyer: Rachel Wickham, Sarah Cox model maker: Andy Knight prop stylist: Keiko Hindley photography: Jason “Giblin” Hindley . .

Cologne still lifes by Nigel Cox

Nigel Cox photographed these splashy still lifes—plus a still life with spectacles—for the September issue of Men’s Fitness. . . .

Fulvio Bonavia’s still-life mashups featured in ad campaign for Britain’s John Lewis department store

Popular British department store John Lewis recently installed a mini version of its equally popular Waitrose supermarkets inside the store, inspiring an ad campaign that called on Fulvio Bonavia’s clever still-life mashups of hard goods and foods and plant life. Here’s a look at the ads promoting the new Waitrose store at the Watford location […]

Fulvio Bonavia creates conceptual still lifes for Swiss brand Firmenich using food and flowers

In 2012, the venerable Swiss fragrance and flavor maker Firmenich commissioned photographer Fulvio Bonavia to create a campaign highlighting the company’s heritage and craftsmanship, which date back to 1895. Fulvio responded to the challenge by producing still lifes of accessories and arts-related items like a camera and a guitar crafted from ephemeral materials such as […]

Still life photographer Nigel Cox joins Stockland Martel

Stockland Martel is pleased to announce that we are now representing advertising still life photographer Nigel Cox. An Australian by birth and now a confirmed Brooklynite, Nigel specializes in men’s and women’s accessories, jewelry and watches, cosmetics, and food & drinks. Strong directional lighting, contrasting textures, and bold angles are signatures of his work, which […]

Leo Burnett commissions Jason “Giblin” Hindley to shoot “a day in the life of someone obsessed with photography”

Talk about a dream assignment: Leo Burnett recently commissioned Jason “Giblin” Hindley to go out and record “a day in the life of someone obsessed with photography,” for a poster for the Renaissance Photography Prize. The RPP is an international photography award that showcases outstanding photography from emerging or established photographers. Funds raised from entries are […]

New work: Jason “Giblin” Hindley shoots environmental still lifes for minivan campaign

Jason “Giblin” Hindley was recently commissioned by Publicis Paris to shoot environmental still lifes for a multi-country ad campaign for the Dokker, a minivan by Romanian automaker Dacia. The ads promote the van’s incredible cargo capacity by way of Jason’s photos, which humorously illustrate the quantity of items you can carry as well as the […]