Fulvio Bonavia’s entrancing new personal project, “Flora,” inspires a video commission for Vogue Accessory

Fulvio Bonavia was recently working on his archive when he came across some liquid shots he had made as plates for a Rado campaign, and an idea came to him. “I found that some of the shapes reminded me of flower petals,” he explains. “So I decided to shoot some new liquid colors underwater.” He […]

Fulvio Bonavia creates conceptual still lifes for Swiss brand Firmenich using food and flowers

In 2012, the venerable Swiss fragrance and flavor maker Firmenich commissioned photographer Fulvio Bonavia to create a campaign highlighting the company’s heritage and craftsmanship, which date back to 1895. Fulvio responded to the challenge by producing still lifes of accessories and arts-related items like a camera and a guitar crafted from ephemeral materials such as […]

The man in the mirrors: Fulvio Bonavia for Audi

. For this new ad for Audi, Fulvio Bonavia had to photographically illustrate the concept that an Audi technician knows your car as well as he knows himself—hence, the familiar reflection when he gazes upon the engine. It took a number of steps to create this image. Fulvio first shot the car. Next, he worked […]

Fulvio Bonavia on his “food dresses” for Garage mag

Are you familiar with Garage magazine? The creation of Dasha Zhukova, it features collaborations between major players in the worlds of fashion and art, such as Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Damien Hirst, Marc Jacobs, and…Fulvio Bonavia. For Garage’s debut issue, Fulvio—whose ingenious A Matter of Taste book of conceptual still lifes of apparel and accessories […]

Fulvio Bonavia on how he got an “impossible” shot for a car client

What do you do when a client asks for a shot that’s impossible to get? You find a way to make it happen, of course. Fulvio Bonavia was recently commissioned by Publicis Italy to get a shot for a Renault Espace MPV ad that, he says, was a classic “mission impossible” situation because the location […]

Interview: Fulvio Bonavia on mixing food and fashion, and the influence of illustration in his conceptual work

If you happen to find yourself in Hong Kong this month, stop by the shopping and dining mecca Central Hongkong Land, which is hosting a mouth-watering, mind-bending exhibition of photos from Fulvio’s book A Matter of Taste. CENTRAL Art of Dining, an in-house magazine produced by Central Hongkong Land, recently interviewed Fulvio about the book, […]

3 new campaigns by Fulvio Bonavia: rubber soul, the birth of a biker, and lap gods

Our Italy-based photographer Fulvio Bonavia has three excellent new campaigns out. Two of them, for Yamaha and Pirelli, really show off his skills as a conceptual photographer, while the third—portraits for European gas and electric company Enel—prove that Bonavia is just as comfortable taking a head-on approach, so to speak. The idea behind the campaign […]