Uwe Duettmann for Red Bull: Welcome to Leipzig!

It’s so nice to step off a train in a new town and see a friendly face. Or…not. Uwe Duettmann recently photographed members of the German soccer team RB Leipzig, who are partly owned by energy-drink maker Red Bull, for a giant advertisement greeting visitors to Leipzig Central Station. “Welcome to Leipzig,” says the ad, which features Uwe’s growling portraits (below). I think I’ll carry my own bags, thank you very much!


"Welcome to Leipzig." Photos by Uwe Duettmann.


Here’s a look at some of the other portraits Uwe shot during the session. Such nice young men…


Shaban Ismaili. Photo by Uwe Duettmann.

Clockwise from top left: Pascal Borel, Matthias Buszkowiak, Fabian Franke, and Daniel Rosin. Photos by Uwe Duettmann.

Timo Rost. Photo by Uwe Duettmann.

Clockwise from top left: Steven Lewerenz, Christian Mueller, Alexander Laas, and Sebastian Heidinger. Photos by Uwe Duettmann.

Thiago Rockenbach. Photo by Uwe Duettmann.





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