PDN interviews Brinson+Banks for a feature on “Photographers Who Can Help Art Direct”

How do you stand out from the pack in the increasingly competitive world of commercial photography? If you’re Brinson+Banks, you highlight the fact that you’re a team of two great photographers, both of whom can deliver and are nimble creatively. And you come not just with ideas but with solutions.

In the November issue of PDN, for example, Brinson+Banks explain how they collaborated with client Garnier on a social-media campaign featuring music-festival attendees’ hairstyles. The duo contributed ideas during pre-bid creative calls, PDN notes. Below, an excerpt from “Photographers Who Can Help Art Direct: Brinson+Banks.”


The agency creatives explained that Garnier planned to set up their salon at a Palm Springs hotel where they were also throwing a pool party for festival attendees, rather than on the grounds of the festival, where there would be thousands of festival goers to choose from At the pool party, Brinson+Banks thought they might easily find women in bathing suits, but might have a hard time finding women with the bohemian style and braided hair Garnier was hoping to capture. A busy party might also make it difficult to get the how-to styling shots Garnier wanted to post on Pinterest. The photographers decided to mention the problem—and propose a solution—during the creative call.

“I think those things are better expressed in a creative call, because they can tell that your tone is helpful, not telling them an idea is bad,” [David Walter] Banks says. “This was our first foray with the client, so we suggested having a professional paid model there and bringing in our hair and makeup stylist.”

Stefani Cottrill, associate creative director at Publicis, says the photographers were “easy going,” and “found a diplomatic and nice way to talk about problematic issues.” She says the agency appreciated their suggestion to have a backup plan. Publicis asked for a revised estimate to cover the model’s and stylist’s fees, flight and accommodations, as well as the cost of the videographer Brinson + Banks recommended to shoot video for Instagram. They got the job.


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