PDN interviews Melanie Acevedo about her approach to lighting for clients like Dove and Hush Puppies

PDN recently interviewed Melanie Acevedo about her approach to lighting for clients like Dove, for which she shot a global campaign centered on natural beauty (see the ads, and behind-the-scenes video, here and here), and Hush Puppies, which involved creating the feeling of warm sunlight (see the campaign here). Below, an excerpt.

Melanie Acevedo’s advertising work is cheery and lively, but looks believable. “What clients normally come to me for are pictures infused with optimism and happiness,” she says. The naturalism she’s known for influences her lighting style. She notes, “When I’m on location I really want things to look like they’re not lit at all. That’s my goal.” She is often called to shoot real people who have little experience in front of the camera as well as professional models, but whoever her subject is, she says, “I’m looking for an interior life that shows through.”

For an international campaign for Dove, the beauty and skincare line, Acevedo was hired to photograph women in China, Brazil and India. “This whole campaign is about real women, and the idea that everyone has something about them that makes them beautiful,” she says. Acevedo photographed subjects in three cities, and needed her lighting to be consistent but also flattering to each of her subjects, no matter their face shape or skin tone. “She has to look healthy, she has to glow, but I also want her to look natural, so that you feel you can reach out and touch her,” Acevedo says. Click here to read more.


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