Michael Muller photographs Benedict Cumberbatch as “Doctor Strange”

Michael Muller recently photographed Benedict Cumberbatch in costume as Doctor Strange, the character he plays in the upcoming Marvel superhero film of the same name. The images were published in Entertainment Weekly‘s “First Look” issue, which offers readers an extra-early sneak peek at the November 4 release. Read the article here.  

Lauren Greenfield, Nadav Kander, and Art Streiber to be published in American Photography’s new photo annual

Congratulations to Lauren Greenfield, Nadav Kander, and Art Streiber, whose work will be published in American Photography‘s new photo annual, AI31. More than 9,000 images were submitted to the competition, and only 326 were selected by a majority vote to appear in AP31. Below, their winning images…   LAUREN GREENFIELD “Gone Girls: Human Trafficking on […]

New York magazine commissions Art Streiber to photograph what fame looks like for Benedict Cumberbatch

. Read the feature, “Benedict and the Cumberbitches: What Fame Looks Like from Inside a Meme,” at nymag.com. . .  

More “Star Trek Into Darkness” publicity images by Art Streiber

As we mentioned in December, Art Streiber shot key art for the highly anticipated Star Trek Into Darkness, which comes out this summer. As he explains below, he produced something like 11,000 frames in one day. “My crew and I were fortunate to spend a day on a sound stage on the Sony lot last […]

Art Streiber shoots the key art for “Star Trek Into Darkness”

The newest Star Trek movie, Star Trek Into Darkness, won’t be out till May, but the buzz has already begun. There is rampant speculation, for example, about who actor Benedict Cumberbatch—who was so scintillating in the title role of the BBC‘s modern-day Sherlock series—will be playing. Art Streiber photographed Cumberbatch, and the movie’s other stars, […]