New work by Matthias Clamer: Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Raising Hope,” and Packers prez Mark Murphy

Here’s a look at some vibrant new work by Matthias Clamer, starting with a cover story for Bloomberg Businessweek on Mark Murphy, president and CEO of the Green Bay Packers, with jubilant Packers fans… . . And then there’s this series of covers for British music mag Q, in honor of its 25th anniversary: Eddie […]

Spotlight: Matthias Clamer

Matthias Clamer likes quirkiness and humor, but he also likes stealth. “For me, humor in pictures works when you use it in small doses—hints, not obvious jokes,” he explains. “Just one element, not multiples. And subtle enough that some people don’t even see it. It needs to be discovered and ambiguous.” In his personal work, […]

Gallery: Musicians by Matthias Clamer

Matthias Clamer isn’t a music photographer per se, but he does get commissioned an awful lot to shoot bands and musicians from all the major genres, including hip-hop, metal, rock, indie, pop, electronic, and punk. Maybe it’s because his style of photography—vivid, dynamic, sometimes quirky, often impish—elevates even something as ordinary as a band portrait […]