The New York Times profiles Kwaku Alston

. The New York Times Lens blog yesterday featured an interview with Kwaku Alston that looks at the award-winning editorial and advertising photographer’s quest to rekindle his personal passion for photography—specifically, by shooting images on his own in his Venice, California, neighborhood. “The Venice community is a remarkable mix of people and cultures,” Kwaku explained […]

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ “The Latino List” doc debuts

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders‘ new HBO documentary, The Latino List, doesn’t make its official debut until next Wednesday, September 28, but the movie is being previewed in by-invitation-only screenings, including one earlier this week in Miami. This photo of Timothy with Gloria and Emilio Estefan was one of Yahoo!‘s photos of the day this week. . . […]

Help Ricky Gervais choose a tour poster

At The Huffington Post this week, Ricky Gervais wrote that he wants the public to help him choose a photo for the poster promoting his upcoming tour, “Humanity.” One of the leading candidates is this portrait shot by Nadav Kander: . . “I love this pic,” writes Gervais of the image, which is from a […]

Image of the Day: Michael Imperioli by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

  . Timothy Greenfield-Sanders shot this intense portrait of actor/director Michael Imperioli (formerly and famously of The Sopranos and now star of the ABC cop drama Detroit 1-8-7) in 2009, around the time that Imperioli’s film The Hungry Ghosts was making its debut. Timothy also invited the actor to write about the movie for his […]

Remembering Merce Cunningham

…… In his Huffington Post column, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders pays tribute to Merce Cunningham, who died yesterday at the age of 90. Timothy recalls photographing the iconic dancer and choreographer in 1989, a session at which he also made the above portrait of Cunningham with artist Jasper Johns and composer John Cage. “It was a wonderful […]

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ exclusive portraits column for The Huffington Post

If you haven’t already, it’s time to bookmark Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, a longtime Huffington Post contributor, has started a new column of portraits and text, exclusively for the website. Greenfield-Sanders will be using this coveted online real estate to showcase portraits of iconic personalities, accompanied by his own thoughts on the subject. In some cases, […]