Food stylist Michelle Gatton styles ghoulish treats for a series of tasty Halloween-themed Food Network promos


Happy holidays from all of us at Stockland Martel

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Food stylist Michelle Gatton creates tasty wreaths for Häagen-Dazs’ holiday campaign

Michelle Gatton on styling a sumptuous food story in an 1850s Maryland barn

In the creative industry, it’s important to constantly make new personal work—both to keep your skills sharp and to create fresh material to show clients. Which brings us to Stockland Martel food stylist Michelle Gatton’s recent personal project: a test shoot at a gorgeous Maryland barn that turned out so beautifully, she and her collaborators […]

Food stylist Michelle Gatton styles “Five Decades of Super Bowl Snacks” for Vice

For a feature in Vice, a handful of top chefs reinterpreted classic Super Bowl snacks from the Sixties to the 2000s—from fondue to sliders. Food stylist Michelle Gatton collaborated with photographer Alastair Casey, fashion stylist Kat Banas, and manicurist Holly Lynn Falcone on the story. The recipes are by Charlotte Kamin of Bedford Cheese Shop, […]

Food stylist Michelle Gatton makes art from a food fight for Tidal magazine

For the new issue of the beautifully designed indie magazine Tidal, food stylist Michelle Gatton collaborated on a feature in which two fashionably dressed women tear through a table’s worth of sweets. Below, a look at “Let Them Eat Cake.” . . credits photographer: Anna Wolf art director: Mike Perry food stylist: Michelle Gatton stylist: […]

Michelle Gatton styles holiday campaign for Häagen-Dazs

Food stylist Michelle Gatton collaborated with photo duo Gentl & Hyers on this clever new holiday campaign for Häagen-Dazs, created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco. . .

Food stylist Michelle Gatton collaborates on photo series that makes “Invasive Species” look yummy

The media is abuzz about food stylist Michelle Gatton’s latest project: a most unusual collaboration with photographer Christopher Testani and art director Mason Adams. “Invasive Species: Envisioning the Future of American Food,” the trio’s photo series, features dishes made from critters like squirrel, earthworms, snails, and Canadian geese and has been covered by Fast Company, […]

Food stylist Michelle Gatton for The New York Times Magazine: puff pastry

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“Good Morning America,” The Huffington Post, Parade, and others feature food stylist Michelle Gatton’s latest project

Food stylist Michelle Gatton has been collaborating with her photographer friend Sarah Anne Ward to re-create famous works of art as delicious desserts—a Mondrian made of Jell-O, a Jeff Koons balloon dog fashioned from Twinkies, Damien Hirst’s famous diamond-crusted skull with candy dots in place of the gems, and much more. The project, which also […]