Miller Mobley photographs singer Camila Cabello for the cover of Billboard magazine—using an iPhone

Miller Mobley‘s portraits of singer Camila Cabello are notable not just because they are truly lovely—but because he shot them using an Apple iPhone 7 Plus in portrait mode, at the magazine’s request. “It was interesting to see Camila’s response to shooting with the iPhone,” Miller noted in an interview about the shoot. “Because of […]

Read Rangefinder’s cover story on Miller Mobley

“He dropped out of school in Alabama, uprooted to New York City, and hopped on a flight to L.A. for a meeting that almost didn’t happen. Miller Mobley’s career as a celebrity portrait photographer was launched with wide-eyed leaps of faith, and while it’s been snowballing ever since, he’s only getting started,” writes Libby Peterson […]