Art Streiber photographs the stars of the hit movie “Beauty and the Beast” for the cover of Parade

Jeff Lipsky photographs Jeff Goldblum for Parade magazine

Miller Mobley photographs “In the Heart of the Sea” director Ron Howard and star Chris Hemsworth for the cover of Parade

Melanie Acevedo photographs Lidia Bastianich and her family for Parade magazine

In a recent issue of Parade, Lidia Bastianich shares her “Favorite Memories of Christmas Past,” a cover story photographed by Melanie Acevedo. The piece features four generations of the chef and TV host’s family, along with her recipes for some of her favorite Christmas cookies. Here’s a look… . . .

Doug Menuez on photographing former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush for Parade magazine cover story

Former President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush spoke to Parade for the magazine’s cover story this past weekend, and Doug Menuez went to Kennebunkport, Maine, to photograph them. Doug previously photographed the Bushes for the magazine in 2009, but this time Bush 41, now 88 years old, was in declining health. […]

New work: Matthias Clamer photographs Betty White for Parade

As a longtime Golden Girls fan, I would have done almost anything to have been on the set of this shoot—Matthias Clamer photographed the fabulous Betty White for the cover of Parade, as well as for an exclusive online gallery. . . According to the article, written by Robert Moritz, Betty eats fries every night; […]

Drew Carey as Jack LaLanne (video)

Parade commissioned Matthias Clamer to shoot portraits of the newly slenderized Drew Carey, including this one of the once-stout Price Is Right host as a tall, tow-headed version of Jack LaLanne, the indomitable fitness expert who never met a jumpsuit he didn’t like… . . “Drew Carey lost 100 pounds, and it is hard to […]

New work: Matthias Clamer captures the “serious side” of Mike Myers

. Did you see the cover story of the Mother’s Day edition of Parade? It was on “the serious side” of Mike Myers, the comedian and actor famous for his onscreen alter ego Austin Powers and the star voice of the upcoming Shrek Forever After. “You are strapped to the front of a rocket and […]