Art Streiber on photographing the stars of “Entourage” at the legendary Pink’s Hot Dogs in L.A. for Vanity Fair

  “Pink’s Hot Dogs is an L.A. landmark/institution that has been around since 1939, so it felt completely natural for the Entourage cast to hang out there,” says Art Streiber, who photographed the stars of the movie for Vanity Fair. “Sisters-in-law Gloria and Beverly Pink were fantastic hostesses and made sure we had unfettered access […]

New work: Michael Muller shoots final “Entourage” ads and video

. Michael Muller has shot the campaigns for the HBO hit series Entourage for the last four years, including for Season 8, the final season, which premieres July 24. If you live in New York or Los Angeles, you probably recognize the ones below—they’re everywhere… . . Michael also directed a spot for Season 8… […]

Michael Muller: “Shoot every day, listen to your gut, and have fun”

In the current issue of American Photo, Michael talks to writer Lindsay Sakraida about the making of the Wolverine movie posters and press photos—specifically, about understanding and capturing the “dark side” of the title character, played by Hugh Jackman. . . A couple of excerpts: . “I always read the script beforehand, because I want […]

22 motion, advertising, and editorial highlights

… You know how magazine covers always tout the number of good things contained inside? “85 Uses for Your Gardening Hose.” “Rock-Hard Abs in Only 3,427 Steps.” “0 Reasons to Like Sen. Joe Lieberman.” Well, we’ve taken a similar (but more serious) approach with our 2009 Winter E-Newsletter. If you’re on our mailing list, you […]

“Entourage” motion promos by Michael Muller, shot with the RED Camera