Interview with a client: Steven Lippman talks with John Paul DeJoria on shooting for Patrón and Paul Mitchell

Patrón Spirits and Paul Mitchell, which are owned by John Paul DeJoria, have just released two new “What inspires you?” commercials and a 3-minute viral, the latest in a series of spots by the company that celebrates notable charitable efforts and aims to encourage viewers to think of ways that they too can give back. […]

Steven Lippman’s JVC Mobile viral video racks up 200,000 views in two days. Creative director Danny Klein takes us behind the scenes.

Every client who has waded into the world of motion wants their video to be a viral sensation, but it’s much easier said than done. One agency that’s doing it right is e2amp for JVC Mobile Entertainment. JVC has just released the fourth in its ongoing promotional series of viral videos, and it’s a hugely […]

Spotlight: Martin Sigal

Martin Sigal has been perhaps the most in-demand photographer in South America for years, a stature he has achieved the honest way: through talent and a refreshingly down-to-earth personality. He’s a nice guy who also produces distinctive advertising photography, and not just in South America. Martin’s reputation worldwide continues to grow, as born out by […]

Michael Muller’s Nike Spot

“Entourage” motion promos by Michael Muller, shot with the RED Camera

Michael Muller’s Trauma Trailer

Jim Fiscus RED camera “Moment” clip, a work in progress

Michael Muller’s Nike “PacMan” clips