Jim Fiscus: “Outwork your competitors.”

. Over at the Stockland Martel offices this past fall, Bill and Maureen and the reps were talking about ways that the agency could reach out to students of photography. They were keen to expand their current efforts: Stockland Martel already makes a conscious effort to stay in touch with the various colleges where either […]

PhotoPlus Expo: landing larger commercial shoots

… I took six pages (!) of notes at the seminar “Stepping Up to Larger Production Commercial Shoots,” which was moderated by PDN features editor Conor Risch. The panelists: photographer Kareem Black; Celeste Holt-Walters, senior art producer at McCann-Erickson; Stockland Martel photo agent Kathryn Tyrrel; and Bette Wilkes, executive producer for her husband, photographer Stephen […]

Highlights from our Hollywood East cocktail party

Last week, Stockland Martel hosted a private cocktail party to celebrate our friends who work in the entertainment business here on the East Coast. It was our way of saying thanks for all the great creative collaborations we’ve enjoyed with our colleagues in the movie, TV, magazine, and recording industries. It was also, as you […]