What kinds of images should stock shooters aim for?

What kinds of images should stock shooters aim for? Jim Doherty, senior art director at Blend Images, shares his suggestions in an interview with John Lund, a.k.a. The Stock Photo Guy… . John Lund: As stock shooters we are often advised to “fill the holes” in agency collections. Are there still holes, and if so, […]

New work: Waiting for her “Lucky Break”

. Virginia girl moves to New York to be an actress. Day jobs, rehearsals, meetings, and big-city fun ensue. That’s the story behind “Lucky Break,” a new series of photos by Doug Menuez. Click on the image to view the gallery at Menuez Archive Projects. . . .

Doug Menuez on photographing kids (hint: Forget about being the boss)

Before he signed with Stockland Martel in 2008, Doug had spent two decades as an award-winning documentary photographer, a period marked by countless days of world travel—and kids, lots of kids, who were his unofficial welcoming party everywhere he went. “I could always count on getting swarmed by curious children as I arrived in some […]