This week’s highlights from other photo blogs

. Verve Photo, which is devoted to documentary photography, highlighted the image by young Belgian photographer Bieke Depoorter, along with a story about it written by Depoorter. Here’s an excerpt: “I took this picture during my second trip through Russia in the winter of 2008/2009. I met the woman a few days before, in the […]

New work: Waiting for her “Lucky Break”

. Virginia girl moves to New York to be an actress. Day jobs, rehearsals, meetings, and big-city fun ensue. That’s the story behind “Lucky Break,” a new series of photos by Doug Menuez. Click on the image to view the gallery at Menuez Archive Projects. . . .

A good landscape photo is like an antidepressant

Doug Menuez has assembled a collection of his landscape photos from over the years at his stock site, Menuez Archive Projects, and as I was looking through them, I noticed that the images are not necessarily about the place where they were shot—they’re more about a mood or a feeling. “Water, the sea, the still, […]

Doug Menuez on photographing hands

Doug Menuez and the team at his stock site, Menuez Archive Projects, recently combed through his catalog and put together an entire collection of hands-related photos, including these… . .I asked Doug for the backstory on this collection. Here’s what he said: . Why photograph people’s hands? For me, photographing hands is another form of […]

Doug Menuez on shooting portraits and connecting with your subjects

When it comes to portraiture, photographers all have their different styles and approaches, but there’s one thing they can’t do without: trust. Gain your subject’s trust, and the possibilities are endless. “We all hide behind a facade,” notes Doug Menuez. “To get past that, I have to connect with my subjects on a basic human […]

Doug Menuez: The need for speed (and other thoughts on having fun)

No one ever laid on their deathbed saying they wished they’d worked more, or found out they have only six months to live and decided they were going to make as many Powerpoint presentations as they could while they still had time, right? Of course not. We may work to live, but we live to […]

Doug Menuez on capturing “the soul of sport”

With any shoot, there are always great images that never get used. The client needs six shots, for example, and the photographer produces nine solid options. Or, if you’re Doug Menuez, the client needs six shots, and you produce 30,000 images. True story. An international sportswear brand was creating a new campaign for Europe a […]

Video interview: Doug Menuez on storytelling, stock, and why “authenticity is everything”

Earlier this year, while on a shoot in Miami, Doug did a video interview about his approach to storytelling and—as a onetime photojournalist and life-long chronicler of the human experience—his thoughts on capturing “real” moments for his commercial and stock clients. He filmed the interview at about the same time he launched his stock site, […]